Day of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection

According to Presidential Decree number 549 of the May 31 in 2006 "On the establishment of professional holidays and memorial days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation┬╗ November 13 celebrated Memorial Day — Day of the radiation, chemical and biological protection.

Military chemists have appeared in the Russian army in the period of the First World War. The first institution of the Red Army, in charge of chemical protection issues, has been a special chemical division (Division 9) of the Main Artillery Directorate of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army. It was formed in the summer of 1918 and worked on the registration and storage of military-chemical property remaining from the old Russian army.

The official date of the formation of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (NBC) is November 13, 1918, when the order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic number 220 were formed by the first bodies and units of chemical defense in the army. In August 1992, the chemical troops received its present name.

Chemical Troops — Special troops intended for chemical combat support forces. Modern armies are made up of NBC units and units that perform tasks for radiation, chemical and biological non-specific intelligence, decontamination, decontamination and disinfection of weapons, uniforms and other supplies and terrain. They also include units that are intended for use flame-incendiary devices and masking fumes.

Troops NBC solve problems related to the protection of the Armed Forces and the public from the damaging effects of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, from various factors, ecologically compatible with the human body. Their second goal — to minimize the effect of adverse factors on the environment.

By the way, the first chemical weapons — mustard gas poisoning — was applied at the end of the First World War.