Marlborough Wine Festival

Marlborough Wine Festival (Wine Marlborough Festival) — the most a large wine festival in New Zealand.

Marlborough Region — Today the world famous wine region — located in the north-east of the South Island, the largest of the islands of New Zealand. It is here that every year during the second weekend of February, from Friday to Sunday, the Wine Festival takes place.

Although it is quite a young festival, and its history goes back a few years, but every year the popularity of this festival is growing. Every year there are going to foodies and wine lovers not only from all over New Zealand, but also from abroad. Traditionally, the festival is held in the famous wineries of Montana Brancott Estate.

At the festival, about 50 wineries for tasting visitors are more than 200 species of local red and white wines, as representatives of the "delicious" industry of New Zealand — its culinary delights. All this is accompanied by live music and concerts the best musicians and artists of the country.

Generally the wine industry in New Zealand has appeared relatively recently — in the early 19th century. The very same wine industry began to develop only a century later. In the 1970s, drew attention to the Marlborough largest wine company, and began planting vines. As time has shown, this place is ideal for growing grapes for white wine. Since then, the number of wineries is increasing every year, and the vineyards are constantly expanding.

For thirty years, Marlboro turned into wine the capital of New Zealand, becoming the main wine-growing region of the country, famous fine wines Merlot, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Riesling. But the most popular region brought wine Sauvignon Blanc, it is believed that here it turns out the best in the world. If before for fans of this type of wine were the only benchmark wines of the Loire Valley, but now many have moved on without reservation of Marlborough Sauvignon. These wines have captured the whole world.

The combination of climatic conditions, geographical location and, of course, human talent — the main guarantee of the success of New Zealand wineries that produce premium wines. A wine festival attracts many tourists.

extensive cultural program, complimentary wine seminars, wine secrets and not only the atmosphere of celebration, dancing, general merriment and Sauvignon Blanc — the inherent attributes of the Wine Festival at the edge of the cloud to the ground. New Zealanders are proud of their traditional winemaking traditions, so Wine Festival has become for them a kind of national holiday.