Day security specialist

Day security specialist — a holiday is widely celebrated by all professionals services to create and maintain security in the broadest sense of the word. In other words — you can now congratulate all professionals cast their lot with this difficult profession security (born security).

Logical that the initiator and organizer of the festival made the largest Internet portal for Security Sec.Ru, and day security specialist has been celebrated annually Nov. 12.

Security professionals believe that their work — this is a high-tech and high demand in the market of the product. Along with such traditional roles as lifeguards, police officers, firefighters, people whom we owe our safety, security specialists in recent years attracted considerable media attention.

For many years there was entrenched in the community believed that the security service — it is difficult for men. But in recent years the fair half of mankind successfully destroy the stereotype.

One of the most popular and charming Day events can be considered awarding the finalists of "Miss Security". Each year the competition receives many applications from the pretenders to the crown of Miss — girls from different companies, societies, agencies from many cities in Russia. And every year, not only the "prom queen", but all the employees of the industry get the recognition of their work, flowers and applause.

If we talk about the safety of the historical aspect, the many familiar role and activities of State Security Committee (KGB), established in July 1934.