Day of the Savings Bank of Russia

Day of Savings Bank of Russia is celebrated annually on November 12. Professional holiday was established in 1998. A date of November 12 was not chosen by chance and is associated with the signing in 1841 by Emperor Nicholas I Decree on the establishment of savings banks in Russia Ā«for delivering through a lack of any kind of people means to save the faithful and effective manner and to receive small amounts of money to save incrementally interestĀ».

First banking operations date back to the times of the ancient civilizations of the world. But banks in the modern sense is quite young. And the Russian banking system was formed on the European and followed them. Today, the largest banks in the country — a full player on the world stage. And the first in the world rankings came Sberbank Russia.

Three rubles in 1938 godaSozdanny release in 1841 for educational and charitable purposes Sberbank of Russia has rapidly become one of the key elements of the financial system of the country — its assets make up a quarter of the banking system of the country, and the share in the banking capital of 30%.

Sberbank of Russia many times mutated organizational, structural, but the point remains — versatility, extensive branch network, the constant increase in the number of operations, the introduction of new services and service formats.

Today in Russia there are about 20 thousands of units of the Savings Bank.