International Day of saving

November 11 at the initiative of the international ecological network "School Project use of resources and energy┬╗(SPARE) Day of conservation. The decision on the establishment of this holiday was made in April 2008, held in Kazakhstan on the international meeting coordinators SPARE. As of November 2008, the world celebrated the first day of energy saving. This festival is an international forum, as to take part in the project wanted to about 20 countries.

The main purpose of the holiday — to attract the attention of the authorities and the public to the rational use of resources and the development of renewable energy sources. The problem of energy saving is much deeper than it may seem at first glance. Saving energy will reduce pollution.

In many cities around the world on this day aktsiiKrome are all kinds of cost-saving benefits. Measures to save energy in two and a half — three times cheaper than the production and delivery to customers the same amount of energy received again. Especially as the most simple and basic energy efficiency measures available to everyone and can be used virtually everywhere in the home.

On the International Day of energy saving in all countries where the holiday is celebrated, including in Russia, are activities aimed at making people aware of the existing methods of energy conservation and renewable energy sources, to tell you why it is important to save energy.

In many cities around the world in this day themed conferences, exhibitions and events, in schools run classes on the topic of energy efficiency.