International Week of Science and Peace

First International Week of Science and Peace (International Week of Science and Peace) was carried out in 1986 in the framework of the International Year of Peace. Organization Week activities at the time was carried out by non-governmental level.

Following the success of the celebration of Science Week in 1986, the organizers have decided to continue the tradition. Their efforts were not in vain. In December 1988 the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that officially marked the dates of the International Week of Science and Peace. Since then, this event is celebrated during that week, which accounts for November 11 — this is the next date after World Science Day for Peace and Development, which notes 10 November.

UN urged Member States to promote international cooperation among scientists. Tools for this purpose should be all sorts of lectures, seminars, discussions, which are held at universities and academies in the International Week of Science and Peace.

According to UN experts, the annual observance of the Week — this is an important contribution to peace. This event promotes the wider scientific exchange on topics of importance to all, as well as expanding public awareness of the problems of the relationship of science and the world. It is expected that every year the number of participants in the Week will be extended.