International Day of Accounting (Day accountant)

annually 10 November experts from the exact same professions celebrate their professional holiday — the International Day of Accounting (International Accounting Day). This holiday is often called the Day of Accountant (Accountant's Day). The need to establish an international festival has been repeatedly discussed, despite the fact that in many countries national holiday accountants.

The choice of the date of the holiday event was the end of the 15th century — November 10, 1494 in Venice (Venice) was published Luke Pacioli (Luca Pacioli) «All about arithmetic, geometry and proportions» (Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita), in which the author attempted to summarize the knowledge of the mathematics of the time.

One chapter of the book entitled "On the accounts and other records» (Particularis de computis et scripturis) and contained a detailed description of the accounting profession in Venice. It was the first printed work on the method of double-entry bookkeeping, labor, which served as the basis for the creation of some common activities of commercial accounting. The book has been described by most of the accounting cycle in the form in which it is known at the present time.

Luca Pacioli — the creator of the first book about buhgalteriiPachioli described the use of the log-orders and ledgers, it also has forecast that the employee will not be able to sleep peacefully for as long as production rate converges with the credit. Also in the book were given to many other terms, examples, in a word, the book contains the expertise required to complete the work accountant.

Luca Pacioli called the "Father of Accounting", although he was neither the inventor nor the developer system of accounting. He just described the methods used in their work Venetian merchants during the Italian Renaissance.

Numerous details of the accounting methods of the time, set out Pacioli became the basis, which over the next four centuries, guided by special texts and works in accounting.

The best proof of the extraordinary importance of Pacioli can call it that his book was published November 10, 1494. And before that, for 50 years before that, John Gutenberg (Johannes Gutenberg) invented the printing press by individual metal letters and signs, and it is known that the printing of the book while still evaded extremely expensive.

Recall that in Russia Day accountant {day-celebrated 11-21 November 21} {/ day}.