Day antinuclear shares

«We choose a future with no radiation!" — the motto annually November 9 in the world hosts the International Day of anti-nuclear actions. Environmentalists and other concerned citizens to organize this day in different cities of the pickets, demonstrations and protests against the development of nuclear energy and for improving its security. They also organize the anti-nuclear camp near dangerous objects and set signs that inform citizens about the dangers in places with high radioactive background.

Residents of Russia joined the anti-nuclear stocks were among the first — back in the 1990s. Particularly acute issue for our country was due to the decision of the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation to import for processing, storage and disposal of spent nuclear fuel from other countries, resulting in the amount of radioactive materials in Russia will grow rapidly. For reference, the spent fuel is considered the most dangerous nuclear waste industry and poses a real threat to the life and health of all who live in close proximity to places of burial.

The response to this decision was the revitalization movement of environmentalists, acting under the slogan: "Let us not turn Russia into the international nuclear dump!". For example, the organization "Baikal Environmental Wave" launched a camp in the Irkutsk region, where at the Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Combine are going to construct the International Nuclear Center. It is here assumed dumped nuclear waste from around the world.

Opponents of this idea — environmentalists and residents of surrounding areas — rightly believe that money can make more effective and safer ways. They hope that the voices of protest will not go unnoticed.

The second issue of concern to supporters of the anti-nuclear movements, — Nuclear power stations, whose work is far from safe. The risk of radiation accidents and catastrophes can not be excluded, environmentalists say. Confirmation of their words — major accidents, incidents and incidents that occur regularly at nuclear power plants around the world. But the authorities to solve this issue is not in a hurry. According to experts, the cost of decommissioning exceed construction costs by 10 times, and savings funds of funds for this are still missing.