Journalist Day in China

November 8, 2004, China's Day was celebrated for the first time a journalist .

On this day in the House of the People in Beijing held a grand meeting and gala evening. At the same time in all provinces and autonomous regions are organized to mark the Day of the journalist.

On this day, China's leading journalists are turning the pages of newspapers and TV screens to his fellow journalists and intellectuals have called for the possible ideological and public support in the name of building a harmonious society.

We know that journalists around the world are actively advocating for human rights, for the punishment of lawlessness, many of them giving their lives, fulfilling a civic duty. Now some Chinese politically active journalists, writers, editors are "behind bars", and is said to their colleagues, the best event of the day of the release of the journalist is convicted of journalistic work mates.

Day journalist joins an annual occurrence, China professional holiday — Day of Nurses (May 12) and the Teachers' Day (September 10).

Recall that International Day of Solidarity of Journalists is celebrated every year on September 8.