Day of the Baku Metro

According to the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on October 28 in 2006, in connection with the 40th anniversary of the commissioning of the Baku Metro, every year, November 8, Azerbaijan marks the Day of the Baku Metro.

Being in Baku Metro will not see a big mistake. Architecture stations is very beautiful, decorated with taste and with the inclusion of national motives.

describe the beauty, probably not worth it — it is better to see once. Three of the most impressive stations — "Nizami", "Narimanov", "Ganjlik." The last two — column, but not the typical "centipede." Model in Baku in general is almost there. "Ganjlik" is somewhat reminiscent of the Moscow "Kropotkin," reduced by 1.5 times. It's a shame that the middle of the hall lights off at the station "Narimanov" — the station a few darkish. But even in this state, it is very original.

Well, the most memorable of the stations of the Baku — "Nizami". Even if you are not going to use the subway as transportation, you should definitely include a visit to the station "Nizami" in a cultural program as a separate item — a beautiful mosaic of the pylons on the themes of creativity classic Azerbaijani poetry!

You can also add that for Except station "Hazi Aslanov" metro station in Baku, built during the Soviet era (for example, "Nizami" opened in 1979). And by the way, was the fifth Baku underground in the Soviet Union after the Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and Tbilisi.

Currently Baku Metro has 23 stations with a total length of lines — 34.6 km. He was formerly one of the cheapest fares on subways world.

It is believed that the two lines of Baku ("red" and "green"), however, the traffic pattern provides that one can go to the station three or four directions. So pay attention to the light displays at the ends of the platform, light up, indicating the direction of the nearest train. Separate movement organized a shuttle to the site "Jafar Jabbarli" — "Xatai" (there is only one train goes in the "hook»).

Another interesting feature of the metro — the appearance of toilets right on the stations. Yes, so unusual for us — right in the end of the station door, above the sign "Toilet". However, such facilities are not available on all stations, but at least at a few stations in the center they are ("Baki Council", "Sahil").