Day military topographer

Today Russia celebrates the Day military topographer. Its date was not chosen by chance: it February 8 in 1812 approved the Regulations for military topography of the case. Structure created by imperial decree, several times changed status. Today it is the Military Topographic Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The very same story topographic survey has more long history. Travel explorers and navigators would be meaningless without the creation of cartographic materials. The first Russian atlas "Drawing map of Siberia" was a geographer Remezov in 1701 and presented it to the Emperor Peter. Ten years later, in 1711, the Russian army was formed Quartermaster, was established with responsibility including the provision of troops maps. Also, under Peter I in Moscow was organized by School of Mathematical and Navigational Sciences, which trained astronomers, surveyors and surveyors.

Start-military topographic service in the Russian army put 40 officers — kolonnovozhatyh, surveyors and surveyors. They went to the General Staff, which appeared in 1763. In 1797 was founded Map Depot, which was to deal with the ordering of all created by the time of cartographic materials. In 1812, the depot was renamed the Military Topographical.

Interestingly, the world's first dedicated military school surveyors appeared in Russia. It was opened in 1822 by the Corps of military topography.

Topographic Service has always been particularly sensitive — in fact any battle begins with cards, and get maps of the enemy was the most important task for the soldiers at all times. Sometimes the information obtained had a decisive importance.

So, in 1943, Soviet intelligence learned that in Germany, hundreds of thousands of sheets of printed maps of Orel, Belgorod and Kursk regions. This information formed the basis of the plan and the subsequent massive defense of the advancing Soviet army on the Kursk Bulge. As for the Soviet surveyors, surveyors and cartographers, the years of the Great Patriotic War, more than four thousand of them were honored with awards.

Today surveyor work is honorable, though the specifics of the work of these professionals is changing all the time — with the development of modern technology. Surveyors come to the aid of satellites, laser and quartz devices. However, no technology can not replace the experience and knowledge of the person. Today, military surveyors accept my gratitude for your important work.