Day of Swedish culture in Finland

Despite the fact that the Swedish population in Finland is only about 6 percent (principal place of residence — the Aland Islands), Swedish, along with the Finnish, is a state in the country.

Day Swedish culture established and widely celebrated since 1908. This day is also called the-day (so called holidays and memorials in honor of which the legislation places the national flag is raised), dedicated to Sweden and Swedish culture.

The most well-known representatives of Swedish culture — writers. Great, August Strindberg, and the world-famous children's writer , author of children's best-seller "Pippi Longstocking" and "The Kid and Carlson" Carl Michael Bellaman, little known outside Scandinavia, Wilhelm Moberg, writer 20th century, which has received a national award for his work "Immigrants and emigrants." , a scholar of the 18th century, was the first cataloged plants, giving them Latin names.

Equally famous Swedish chemist and , the first patron of the Nobel Institute and founder of the international prizes.

In the last decade, the creative culture of Sweden has experienced a revival. The phenomenon of the modern Swedish culture has attracted international attention, not only in traditional areas such as art and literature, but also in such a relatively recently recognized forms of art as design, fashion, pop music and gastronomy.