Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup (Melbourne Cup) called "irregular, which stop the nation. " It turned into a sort of national institution that generates controversy and causing more interest than any other race in the country (it is worth noting that the "cups" of different rank in the Australian states are held almost every month).

The first Melbourne Cup was held in November 1861. Then participated in the races 17 horses. The prize fund — 170 pounds and a gold watch. Today, the Melbourne Cup — the most prestigious two-mile handicap in the world and the most 'expensive' Cup in Australia with a prize fund of 5 million Australian dollars. Only on rates (a bet that day does almost every Australian!) Earned several million dollars. Racing held under the auspices of the Victoria Racing Club (Club racing in Victoria) at Flemington, a suburb of Melbourne.

Melbourne Cup — the most famous national celebration of Australia (Photo: Day of the Melbourne Cup — Australia's most famous Tuesday. No matter what the Australians are engaged — to 3.20 pm (Australian Eastern time) on the first Tuesday in November people everywhere stop to listen to the signal to begin the races or watch them on TV.

It is also a day of many events at the racetrack in Flemington. Ladies are invited to the most famous horse race in the world, trying to impress their clothes and, most importantly, hats — trendy, weird, funny. To come to the races without a hat — is like to stay at home.

Spectators at the race track are beginning to gather at 8 am, although the race will start late in the afternoon. By 3 pm the race track is filled to 100,000 people — to see one of the greatest shows in the country.

In 2005 Makaybi Diva made history by becoming the only horse to win the Melbourne Cup three years in a row. Trainer Lee Freedman said after the race jockey: "Go and find the smallest audience at this meeting, because it is the only one who has a chance to see this again in my life».

Come to the races without a hat — is like to stay at home ... (Photo: Melbourne Cup completes a six-week spring (when we fall in the southern hemisphere — spring!) Carnival in the state capital of Victoria. All these six weeks — a continuous celebration of laughter, fashion, and ... the best trotters in the world. A great way to shake off the remnants of winter! Carnival begins in early October and lasts almost two months. Melbourne Cup — not the only race of the holidays, but definitely the most famous.

Fashion on the field — Fashions On The Field — not less important event of the day. For the best racing suit the audience — male and female — are awarded prizes. Fashion trends and costume viewers Cup attracted almost as much attention as the races themselves. By the way, mini-skirts, received world-wide popularity in the 60s of the last century, began to wear it after the model Jean Shrimpton wore a skirt in 1965 to celebrate the Melbourne Cup.

Records Melbourne Cup :
• The most "fast" record — 3 minutes 16.3 seconds in 1990 — the horse belongs to Kingston Rule.
• The most titled winner — Makaybi Diva (winning in 2003, 2004, 2005).
• Most cups have jockeys Bobby Lewis and Harry White.