New Hijri Year

On the first day of the holy month of Muharram comes the new Hijri year . 1 Muharram is not included in the number of holidays of Islam and, therefore, in most Muslim countries do not celebrate New Year as a holiday in the secular sense. On this day in mosques to preach sermons dedicated to relocate from Mecca to Medina in 622 — the starting point of the Muslim lunar calendar.

Month of Muharram is the first month of the Muslim calendar . It is believed that a person will hold the first month of the year, and the rest will be twelve months.

Muharram — one of the four months, during which Allah has forbidden especially conflicts, blood feuds, wars and feuds like. About this esteemed months much has been said in the Quran. Muharram — the month of repentance and worship. Every Muslim should try to spend this month in the service of God. In one of the sayings of Muhammad said: "Muharram is best for fasting after the month of Ramadan." In another adage says, "Whoever fasted for one day in the month of Muharram, is rewarded as 30 positions."

A few words about fasting in Islam. As-Saum (from the Arabic. Itself — fast, pers. — Ruza; Turk. — Uraza) — a post, one of the basic mandatory requirements of Islam. As-Saum is abstinence during daylight hours from food, water or any beverage, tobacco smoking, bathing, inhalation of incense, entertainment, sexual intimacy, that is, from everything that distracts from piety.

At nightfall bans removed, but it is recommended not to indulge in luxuries, including gluttony. Fasting begins at the moment when the "white yarn can be distinguished from the black". But this expression can not be taken literally, means the time when the white strip on the horizon can be distinguished from the black, that is, for some time before sunrise.

Exempt from fasting, only those who can not abide by what it -or temporary circumstances (long trip, war, captivity, illness), who can not be responsible for their actions (the mentally ill), and elderly people at their will, young children, pregnant and lactating women, and all those who are fasting can do harm. Thus, al-Saum accounts and medical evidence to absolute starvation.

Not allowed to post those who are in a state of ritual impurity — the criminals, not completed their punishment desecrated, not the last purification. It can be said that the possibility of fasting — it is an honor for a Muslim.

break the fast chance to recover the lost days, and deliberately violated shall also recover these days to repent and make a redemptive action.

forbidden to fast on the days of the two great parties, condemned post on Friday (the Muslim holiday), Saturday (the day of the Jews) and Sunday (day Christians).