Time social worker in Armenia

In early 2009, the Armenian government has announced a new holiday — the bottom of the social worker who will be celebrated November 4.

At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Social workers reported that a new holiday will be celebrated around 4 thousand social workers Armenia.

According to the government's decision, the first Republic of Armenia since its founding (in 1918) was faced with the complicated social problems: widespread poverty, hunger, many refugees and orphans, the mass mortality of the population from diseases.

¬ęThe situation could be overcome only by mobilizing all the forces carrying out accurate and consistent social policy. Another 4 November 1918 the coalition government formed the First Republic Ministry of Public Guardianship, and this laid the basis for public policies of social protection of the population ", — says the government's decision.

After the Sovietization of Armenia, social services continued to be one of the main directions of the state policy, and especially the area was subjected to severe stress after the devastating earthquake of 1988, which was later joined by the blockade, the influx of refugees, energy crisis, unemployment, unprecedented high levels of poverty.

To counter these difficulties in the early 1990s in independent Armenia was formed first specialized structures for the provision of social assistance and social services is by far one of the priorities of the state policy.