Railroad Day of Ukraine

4 November railway workers of Ukraine celebrate their professional holiday. Railroad Day is set in the Ukraine Presidential Decree number 257/93 from 15 July in 1993.

Happy Railroad, this date was initiated by employees of the Lviv railway. It appears, Nov. 4, 1861, in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the territory of modern Ukraine — Lviv — the first train arrived, which was called "Yaroslav". In the current understanding of "Yaroslav" was the train of international communication. He joined Vienna, Cracow, Przemysl and Lviv.

Now Ukrainian Railways — "Ukrainian Railways" — a 6 Railways (Donetsk, Lviv, Odessa, South, South-West, the Dnieper), which combines all the regions of Ukraine. More than 375,000 employees serve 30,300 kilometers of railways.

Every year, more than 1,500 stations hit the road more than 500 million passengers. Each year, about 175,000 freight cars carry more than 300 million tons of cargo. In terms of freight railways of Ukraine took 4th place on the Eurasian continent, second only to the railways of China, Russia and India.

The railways of Ukraine interact with the railways of seven neighboring countries. Through the territory of Ukraine are three pan-European international rail transport corridor.

Happy Birthday independent Ukrainian railway can be considered 24 August 1991 — day " Act of Independence of UkraineĀ», when the property, which was at that time within the boundaries of the state, it was his property. December 14 in 1991 the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree "On the establishment of the State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine", which made it possible to harmonize the work of all departments involved in the transportation process, and organize accurate, trouble-free operation of railway transport .

1996, the year of adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine, is significant for Ukrainian railways that 4 July, the Law of Ukraine "On Railway Transport". It identified the main economic and financial principles of railway transport, the regulatory framework laid traffic safety, work in emergency circumstances, the protection of goods and objects of industry, labor relations workers.

Earlier Railroad Day was celebrated on the first Sunday in August. This first professional holiday was established in Russia in the 19th century and dedicated to the birthday of Emperor Nicholas I, who began the construction of railways. He celebrated annually 25 June until 1917. After 1917, the festival has been forgotten by almost twenty years. The tradition of the railway revived only in the Soviet Union in 1936.

February 26 in 2004 in Kyiv took the I Conference of the Trade Union of Railwaymen and Transport Construction of Ukraine, which was attended by delegates from all the railways and railway companies in Ukraine. The Conference decided to hold the first Sunday of August Day of Trade Union of Railwaymen and Transport Construction of Ukraine. Since then, the railroad, 98% of whom are union members, two professionally officially celebrate the holiday: Summer — Day of the union and autumn — Railroad Day.