Day of the social sphere in Ukraine

Human life long has value,
until the person can help others.
Ivan Franko

On the first Sunday of November in Ukraine celebrate a social worker, established by Presidential Decree number 374/99 of on April 13 in 1999.

This is a testament to the professional holiday commendable role of the state employees who every day ensure the implementation of government policy on social protection, employment and arrange payment and safety, labor relations.

social worker have to deal with different spheres of human life and society: the physical and mental health, personal and group conflicts, family planning, with the problems of employment, vocational and social integration of different categories population, prevention of anti-social behavior, the administration of justice, and many others.

In terms of social dynamics inherent in Ukraine is becoming an acute problem of legal protection of every citizen, whether legal justification of his everyday behavior, professional, political and other activities.

Social work — the art of build links between people. Day social worker — a professional holiday, which rightfully belongs to those who finds mercy, kindness creates not only on official duty, but also for reasons of conscience and call of the soul.

Today in the social sphere of Ukraine has approximately 150,000 people. They give people hope for the best and timely offers a helping hand to those in need. For many, the words of Ivan Franko, "The life of man as long has value as a person can help others" — have become the meaning of life.