Day of Engineering Corps Ukraine

3 November in the Ukraine celebrates the Day of Engineering Corps. It is approved by the Decree of the President of the October 27 in 1999 as a sign of outstanding service engineers, veterans and soldiers engineers Ukraine.

In the overall structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Corps of Engineers belong to special forces. Organizational units of the Corps of Engineers and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are part of the Army, the Air Defense Forces and Naval Forces, and as part of the Air Force is part of the airfield engineering and subsections.

It is the first Corps of Engineers introduce new means of warfare, introduced them to the arsenal of the army. From the Corps of Engineers became an independent arm of the service railway troops, military communications, automotive troops, tank troops, and even aircraft.

Army Corps of Engineers — it forces the front end. In wartime, it is starting to attack the Corps of Engineers. They provide the tanks and infantry advance.

Military engineers doing a passages in minefields and enemy minefields, clearing the debris and destruction for the movement of their troops, conducting demining areas, buildings, roads, airports, stations, streets .

Engineer reconnaissance studies the terrain on which to military action, it must find that the enemy is preparing to complicate the advance of troops. Army Corps of Engineers are involved for the fortification of positions: excerpts trenches and ditches, building shelters for equipment and personnel, communication trenches, equipment monitoring and command posts.

One of the main tasks is to set the Corps of Engineers and the content of minefields and non-explosive obstacles (or cutting barbed wire, anti-tank ditches, scarps and counterscarp, barricades, debris on the roads, areas of waterlogging and flooding). Warriors engineers are trying to impede the enemy's advance, destroying roads, bridges, destroying the water supply, gas supply, electricity supply, capacity of fuel, oil fields.

Army Corps of Engineers is prepared to contain and mask the ways to move troops. They also arrange crossing water obstacles, camouflage troops and facilities, provide troops with water. In addition to addressing the immediate problems of engineering support for combat engineering troops tasked with ensuring the other branches of entrenching tools, electrical tools (from flashlights and batteries to portable nuclear power plants), providing parts and units of electricity.

Army Corps of Engineers — the only branch of service, for whom the war never ends. That military engineers from the early days of Chernobyl tragedy started to perform tasks in the aftermath of the accident in the immediate vicinity of the reactor.

During Independence Engineering Corps soldiers were found and destroyed more than 385,000 mines, shells, grenades, most of which remains in the earth since the days of the Great Patriotic War. One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks of engineering troops in peacetime is the disposal of obsolete and outdated engineering ammunition, equipment and property.

Every year, the Corps of Engineers are involved in disaster management, in particular, flooding in the western region Ukraine, protection of bridges and hydraulic structures during break-up, the rescue efforts.