Day of Civil Aviation in Belarus

This professional holiday is celebrated in Belarus annually every first Sunday in November . The holiday is dedicated to the vital task of Civil Aviation — Safety, which is inextricably linked to the human factor, and depends largely on the reliability of the aircraft and professionalism of aviation professionals providing ground handling of aircraft and operate them in the air.

On this day Aviation Committee of Belarus holds air shows, which include aircraft inspection, performances paratroopers demonstration flights — to mark the Day of the Civil Aviation. Their goal — promoting tourism and freight transport, as well as a demonstration of a high technical condition of aircraft in Belarus.

Civil Aviation of Belarus, in the opinion of the President, is the hallmark of the state. Performing airlines, aircraft and crews performed simultaneously representational and advertising functions. In this connection it is necessary to modernize the civil aviation because of the urgent need of the hour.

Extremely important issue is to upgrade the existing fleet of aircraft that do not meet the new international standards, as well as the development of repair and maintenance of new promising types helicopters and airplanes. This instruction was given to the Government of the Head of State.

Equally important, the president , and replacement of fixed assets of airports and airfields, as well as effective load them. In the first place — the National Airport "Minsk".