Day of Missile Forces and Artillery of Ukraine

3 November in the Ukraine celebrates the Day of artillery and rocket forces, members of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This professional holiday established by the Decree of the President of the October 31 in 1997.

Missile forces and artillery of the compounds consist of operational-tactical and tactical missiles, and units of howitzer, gun, rocket and anti-tank guns, artillery reconnaissance, mortar and sub-subsections anti-tank guided missiles. They are designed to engage manpower, tanks, artillery, anti-tank weapons of the enemy, aviation, air defense sites and other important sites in the conduct of the battle.

Missile forces and artillery fire are the main force in the operations that are carried out of the Land troops with conventional weapons, and perform up to 65-70% of the total jobs from destruction by fire.

On arms formations, units and sub-MF & A are:
— missile systems operational and tactical, tactical missiles;
— multiple launch rocket systems such as "Twister," "Hurricane," "HailĀ»;
— self-propelled gun "Hyacinth", "Peony", "Acacia", "CarnationĀ»;
— antitank weapons "Storm", "competition", "Rapier".

Ukraine is interested in updating Missile Forces. MF & Commander believes that it is important for Ukraine "to conduct a deep modernization which can bring artillery, rockets and other weapons at the level of the world and can be considered a fundamentally new weapon." The basis for the creation of the Ukraine "weapons of deterrence" can be a means of delivery with a range of 200 to 500 kilometers and precision-guided munitions to non-nuclear, missile weapons, along with attention should be paid to the development of tools that are used in the structure of space-based elements.

professional holiday of missile and artillery note officers, warrant officers, cadets, military contract service and emergency service personnel of the defense industry, veterans of war and labor and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.