Days of the giant omelette in the U.S.

Since 1985, the first weekend of November in the city of Abbeville ( Louisiana, USA) residents celebrate the giant omelette (Giant Omelette Celebration).

It is said that an avid fan of the omelet itself was . According to an old legend, once Napoleon and his comrades stopped for the night in the town of Bessieres, where he treated the local delicacy called "Kurochkin gift».

Tasted "gift", the lord came to the incredible enthusiasm and instantly commanded to gather all available in the vicinity of chicken eggs and cook them in a giant omelette for the entire army. In memory of this event in Bessieres to this day to arrange a holiday omelet.

According chefs, omelette — the starters outstanding: it is a dish respected not only Napoleon, but other powerful rulers. Take, for Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, who called the omelet "miraculous gift of God».

According to legend, the "gift" heaven indulged Franz Joseph, when he was twenty years old — until then he had never heard about any omelet, as the latter was considered the food of the common people, for the imperial meal was not intended.

Once lord, going for a walk, was horrified to find that strayed from his suite and got lost in the deep woods. Forced his way through the jungle, he finally saw the light, and soon got a tiny peasant hut, where he met with all the hospitality. Hostess hastily erected for Franz Josef holiday omelet: Mix milk, eggs, flour and sugar, poured the mixture into the pan, lightly fried it, and then with a sharp knife quickly cut all this splendor thin strips, browned them, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served Kaiser together with plum compote.

Franz Joseph liked the passion for tasty dish, and when he returned home, he told the court chefs cook him a peasant "snack" every day. Since then, a sweet omelette was called "Kaiserschmarren" — in German "Kaiser Strip».

Experts argue that this should be an omelette on-the-very large, and regale them better in the company of friends .

This recommendation is followed religiously cooks from the U.S. state of Louisiana, which is prepared annually tremendous scrambled eggs Friendship of 5000, 6 liters of oil, 25 liters of milk and 10 pounds of green and treat them to the guests.