All Souls' Day

Honoring the dead is an integral part of human history since its very start. It is part of an organic component in beliefs as primitive and modern man. Its diverse manifestations. On the one hand, this reverence, faith in the conservative force of the spirits of dead ancestors, on the other hand — the fear of retaliation.

Catholic religion believes observance of rites of remembrance important duty of all believers. All Souls' Day is based on the dogma of the Catholic purgatory. People need to remember those who died, but is in purgatory and must be cleansed of sins. Reduce the period of purification are good deeds and prayer, repentance, and remember the living for the dead.

All Souls' Day was established by Abbot Odilo of Cluny in 998 commemorate the dead have started already in the early Middle Ages. Under the influence of Cluny reform, this custom has spread very quickly.

On this day, Catholics go to the cemetery, often with prayers and hymns, tidy the grave, put a burning candle.