Reformation Day in Germany

Reformation Day (Reformationstag) — a holiday celebrated in honor of founding of the Evangelical Church.

At the heart of the Reformation lay a desire to return to the progressive part of the church to the purity of the Word of God from superficial human purchased the church in the Middle Ages.

As the story goes, on this day in 1517, the German reformer (Martin Luther) nailed to the door of the parish church of Wittenberg (Wittenberg) his famous "95 Theses", marking the beginning of the general debate about the efficacy of indulgences, which in turn turn was the beginning of the Reformation in Western Christianity.

This event led to the discovery of the Bible for the masses, a rethinking of the Christian faith and to the emergence of Protestantism, the church split in the evangelical and Catholic branches.

Now the world in several areas of Lutheranism — is conservative Lutherans, there are liberal, but on this day, they are often grouped together for joint worship services.

This day can be called official beginning of Protestantism. In some Lutheran churches in Germany on October 31 called Happy Theses Luther (Luther's Theses Day).

Sunday Reformation (Reformation Sunday) is celebrated on the Sunday preceding October 31.