Day of Sign Language Interpreter

Day sign-language interpreter established in January 2003 at the initiative of the Central Board All-Russian Society for the Deaf in order to draw public attention to the problems of the deaf.

If, for example, in Finland, for every thousand people there are 300 deaf signers, in Russia there are only three ... And over the years, this number is reduced in the country. Meanwhile, work in the community of deaf enough: every day a sign language interpreter receives the application. Translator needed in court, police, tax authorities, social security, at the doctor's ...

professional sign language involved mainly children of deaf parents, who grew up in the so-called "deaf" environment. Get an education in this specialty can be inter-regional training centers in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Language "talk" to the screen, and sign language interpreters with their customers — in sign. In the world there are several million people communicate. In many countries it has long been recognized as officially — news programs, analytical observation, children's and music programs in many countries certainly duplicated for people with hearing problems.

But Russia is still the language sign language is not officially recognized. So, kind of language is, but as it would not ... It is interesting that, for example, in the U.S. or Sweden there is a rule that if the specialist does not know the basic techniques of sign language, the work of the police, social services he can not see.

Recall that the last Sunday of September marks International Day of the Deaf.