Day Mechanical Engineer

Today in Russia celebrate their professional holiday of workers of engineering specialties of different industries — this day in Engineering. Start the celebration put an order from the Commander of the Navy in 1996. But keep reading taken since 1854, when the Russian fleet was established body of Mechanical Engineers.

Mechanical engineer known as a specialist with higher technical education in the field of design, construction and operation of process equipment. But, in fact, to those skilled in the profession to satisfy more stringent and diverse requirements.

The same reality shows that the mechanical engineer is the profession in great demand, as it is the most universal and most popular specialties among engineers. Mechanical engineers create the technological space around us and nurture high technology.

History is interesting examples of creative engineers, which, without exaggeration, be called a mechanical engineer. In August 1908 American engineer and industrialist Henry Ford started production of a new car model, in May 1913 750 first flew the world's first four-engine airplane "Russian Vityaz" Engineer Sikorsky, and in October 1945 American engineer Percy Spencer patented microwave.

Today this specialty master students, for example, MGRS, IISS, Bauman. N.Baumana and many other well-known universities of Russia.