Foundation Day of the Russian Navy

(20) 30 October in 1696 at the urging of the Boyar Duma Peter has decided to establish a regular Navy Russia: "Sea ships to be." This day is considered to be the foundation of the Russian Navy.

While in Russia unfolded naval shipbuilding, ships were built in St. Petersburg and Voronezh, on Lake Ladoga and in Arkhangelsk. Were created and Azov Baltic fleets later — Pacific and North.

In 1 the second half of the 18th century Russian sailors made many important geographical discoveries. In 1740, Vitus Bering and A.Chirikov founded Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, in 1741 discovered the strait and reached the west coast of North America. In the future, significant geographical discovery, circumnavigating made great Russian explorers 375 FF, VM Golovin, MP Lazarev, EV.

In the 2nd half of the 18th — early 19th century, the Russian navy in the number of warships entered the third largest in the world, has been continuously improved tactics of naval warfare. This allowed the Russian sailors to win a series of brilliant victories. In the history of the Navy's brightest pages of Russia entered the life and exploits of admirals, GA Spiridova, 775 FF, DN Senyavin GI Butakova VI Istomin, VA, PS, SO Makarova.

emblem of the Russian Navy during the Great World War II Soviet navy survived the ordeal and protected the flanks of the front, smashing the Nazis on the sea, sky and land. Submariners, marine pilots and soldiers marine units have added new pages in the history of naval glory of the Fatherland. In 1941-1945 ably led military operations at sea theaters of war admiral NG Kuznetsov, IS Isakov, AG Golovko, VF Tributs, FS October, LA Vladimir's, SG Pots, IS Yumashev ...

Modern Russian Navy has a robust military equipment: it is a powerful missile cruisers, nuclear submarines, anti-submarine ships, amphibious ships and naval aircraft. This technique is effective in the capable hands of our naval experts. Russian sailors continue and develop the glorious traditions of the Navy of Russia, which has been 300 years of history.