Day of the Republic of Turkey

Day of the Republic of Turkey (Republic Day in Turkey) is set in memory of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic (Cumhuriyet Turkiye) in 1923. This day has been amended to the Constitution of Turkey, which resulted in a collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and Turkey became a republic.

Republic Day is celebrated every year in the whole of Turkey. The festivities usually begin October 28 in the second half of the day. On the Feast of the country's national flags are hung in government offices, educational institutions and schools — a day. Schools are required to attend the celebrations on the streets — festive processions.

The traffic on the holiday rather uploaded by students and the army parade. The mausoleum on special ceremonial ground, military parades are held. Various parties celebrate this day the debate about the past and future of the country.

Once a bustling festive day life calms down, taking part in a minute of silence. Later in the afternoon arranged fireworks and celebrity appearances squares and boulevards.