Day of the Constitution of Serbia

October 30 2006 National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia at a special meeting in the presence of the president and government unanimously voted in favor of the new Constitution, which was adopted in a national referendum, held on 28 and October 29 in 2006.

participated in the referendum, 54.91% of all eligible citizens (3,645,517 people), of which 53.04% (3,521,724 people) voted in favor of the Constitution.

The new constitution was officially declared by the Parliament of Serbia November 8 in 2006, replacing thus the previous Constitution of 1990. Earlier in the Constitution of Serbia adopted in periods of the Principality of Serbia (Principality of Serbia) and the Kingdom of Serbia (Kingdom of Serbia) in 1835, 1838, 1869, 1888, 1901 and 1903, and during the period of the Socialist Republic of Serbia (Socialist Republic of Serbia ) in 1947, 1963 and 1974.

In the preamble to the Constitution in 2006 states that Kosovo (Kosovo) and Metohija (Metohija) are part of the Republic of Serbia, but with an effective right of self-government, and in the first article of the Constitution — that Serbia — the state of the Serbian people and all citizens living therein.

According to the previous Constitution of the Republic of Serbia (1990-2006 years), the official language was Serbo-Croatian language, and were regarded as official and Latin alphabets and Cyrillic. The new Constitution of 2006 returned the Serbian language and found that the only official alphabet is Cyrillic.

At present, neither 28 nor October 29 are declared public holidays, however, the event is of great historical significance for the Republic.