Day of the services of private security MIA

October 29 employees of private security MIA Russia mark their professional holiday. In the system of internal affairs Internal Affairs Russian private security — one of the largest and most equipped of the police standing guard over public and private property, public order and the safety of its compatriots.

Accumulated c 1952 — the year of foundation of the private security — Experience has proven the effectiveness of the divisions of private security as protection facilities, and in the fight against crime, maintenance of public order in the cities and other human settlements.

currently run by private security is more than half a million citizens' apartments and nearly 500,000 facilities throughout Russia. Thanks to the improvement of the strategy and tactics of combating criminality, in 2006, for instance, forces groups detention orders were detected 73,000 offenses which were prosecuted.

The history of private security dates back to October 29, 1952, when the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted a resolution "On the use in industry, construction and other industries job outflow of protection, and measures to improve the business organization of economic projects of ministries and departments."

With this act, it was found that the bodies of internal affairs in the republic, territory and regional centers, as well as in the major cities of national, regional and regional subordination creates non-departmental security guard outside, which is responsible for protection of commercial facilities regardless of their affiliation.

It is the definition of "regardless of their affiliation" has given the protection of private Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is unusual at first glance, the name.