World Day Against Stroke

History date that is celebrated today, started in 2004 when the World Health Organization declared a global epidemic of stroke. This ailment and to this day remains one of the major causes of death and disability in the world and in Russia. On cardiovascular disease accounts for more than half the deaths, with about one-fifth of the catches people of working age.

In Russian mortality from stroke — one of the highest in the world. It accounts for 175 deaths per 100,000 people. According to the National Stroke Registry, 31 percent of people who have had the disease, need any help, 20 percent can not walk alone, and only eight percent of survivors can return to their previous work.

Greatest importance in solving the problem all over the world take preventive measures. Many of them are timed in time for the World Day against stroke (World Stroke Day), which was established by the World Organization of the Stroke (World Stroke Organization, WSO) and is observed annually October 29 . In particular, the action is carried out in Russia, "Say no stroke — reach out to health!ยป.

On this day, physicians and volunteers to help them organize the work with the public, perform rapid diagnosis of risk factors. In Moscow and St. Petersburg on October 29 are visiting health centers where anyone can consult a doctor — a neurologist or a physician — and get information on how to avoid a stroke.

Also in Russia by a group of relatives of patients, and the National Association for the Stroke (NABI) in 2006, was created by inter-regional fund for relatives of patients with stroke "Orbi". This non-governmental organization teaches the basics of the relatives of patients care, provides them with information on the treatment and rehabilitation centers, conducts awareness campaigns for the general population. Many of them are at the end of October — the Day of fight against stroke.