Labor Day in New Zealand

Democratic now in New Zealand, behind the scenes considered "a paradise for workers "has gone a long way to go to win the title. Historical path of the workers, who were fighting for their labor rights, and is dedicated to Labor Day holiday (Labour Day), celebrated annually on the fourth Monday of October.

New Zealand workers were among the first in the world, who defended the right of the 8-hour working day. And defended successfully. 9 years after the first strike of government workers' demands.

In many ways, the working class of New Zealand owe this victory Samuel Parnell (Samuel Parnell) — carpenter from Wellington, who first refused to work more than eight hours a day. He insisted that the day is divided into three equal parts: 8:00 assigned to work 8 hours for sleep and 8 hours on the fun. Samuel had a significant impact on other employees, and in 1840, working groups adopted a resolution in support of his allegations.

First holiday workers noted October 28 in 1890, as for many artisans and traders have become the norm to work 8 hours a day. Several thousand workers unions marched in major cities across the country. By the way, officials were given a day off, and they were able to attend the demonstration. Many businesses were closed that day.

... and modern offices (Photo: AISPIX, Shutterstock) Since 1900, Labor Day was given the status of an official day off. However, the initial agreement on the date was not. Each province celebrated the holiday on different days, which greatly cared for owners of large vessels. They complained that sailors used the multiplicity of dates and celebrated Labor Day in each port, wherever I went Court. Then, in 1910, the government announced that from now on the professional holiday of workers will be celebrated across the country on the fourth Monday of October.

In 10 years, by the 1920s, Labor Day began to lose their "entertainment . " Theater and circus performances are gone. And while many labor unions are still going to this day, picnics and sports games for most workers this day seemed more special than other holidays.

It's hard to believe that sometime in the 8-hour work day you could be dismissed as a lazy employee. Today, for many people in New Zealand is, in essence, "another day off" with such favorite here picnics and barbecues.