Day of creating Russian Army Aviation

Happy creation of Army Aviation is considered to be October 28 in 1948, when Serpukhov near Moscow was established the first aviation squadron, equipped with helicopters. It initiated the Army Air Forces as a separate genus.

Helicopter aviation first was called auxiliary — in her task was to transport of goods, the adjustment of fire, intelligence, and communications. Then, in the course of technological evolution, helicopters turned into a dangerous weapon. And in the early 70s of the twentieth century, with the adoption of adopted Mi-24, whose primary role was to support the ground forces on the battlefield, the auxiliary army aviation has become.

For more than half a century of army aviation crews her winged machines have been in all the "hot spots" of Russia and far beyond. Today they show good examples of courage and heroism, performing combat missions in the North Caucasus. During the Great Patriotic War was such a thing — heroism. And today in parts of the Army Air Corps in the hot spots he appears almost daily.

In a peaceful setting provides the army aviation combat training of the Ground Forces. None of the teachings of various sizes takes place without air support, without the participation of combat and transport helicopters.

Over the past decade, army aviation several times from the Air Force in the Army and back. In 1990, the Army Aviation became an independent arm of the service, and by January 2003 was transferred to the Air Force.

Loyalty oath, courage and professionalism of those who are currently in service — a guarantee of peaceful life in the country . Military skill, fighting brotherhood, heroism, military aviation professionals arouse respect. After all, the major asset of the army aviation, we have inherited from earlier times and carefully kept for now — the morale of our pilots. They — men of honor and duty. And today we celebrate their professional holiday!