International Day of School Libraries

International Day of School Libraries (International School Library Day) is celebrated in 1999 on the initiative of UNESCO. It was first proclaimed by President of the International Association of School Librarianship (International Association of School Librarianship, IASL) Blanche Vullz. In 2005, the festival has confirmed the official status is the new president of the organization, Peter Genco.

In 2008, the event has reached a new level — in January, the project coordinator Rick Mulholland announced that the International Day of school libraries is converted to a month of — also international. In October of the same year passed the first Month of School Libraries (International School Library Month) under the theme "Literacy and education — in your school library┬╗.

The protesters could choose any day of the month for events, devoted to school libraries. Some, however, are not confined to a single day or even a week, and announced a long-term measures — such as for example collecting books for the entire month of.

In Russia International School Library Month was first held in 2008. Then it became the motto of the word "school library — on the agenda." In that year, the foundation was laid a month of the traditional program. It includes the conventions of school librarians, professional presentation, "teacher-librarian", honoring veterans of library science, educational seminars, numerous activities for students (competitions, exhibitions, collections of books) and their parents and teachers. The main event of the month of a Russian school librarians remains Forum, which takes place in St. Michael.

In international day and month of school libraries, local school librarians like all his colleagues celebrate their professional holiday of spring. Russian Library Day falls on May 27.