Holiday millers Belarus

This holiday is celebrated residents of Belarus, who somehow involved in this profession, 25 October (12 October in the old style).

Miller's work has long been revered and held in such esteem. After all, in a village without a miller — no way. This is particularly evident in the autumn, when the harvest was gathered, and the tables and asks fresh loaves. Villagers have always tried to please members of such an ancient profession, because they depended on the quality of the bread consumed. So often millers were rich farmers. Indeed, the people went to a proverb: "Melnіkava kar, dzeўka popes i ekanomava kabyla nіkolі galodnymі not bylі" ("Melnikova cow priest's daughter and the mare never Starostin were not hungry").

existence holiday millers fall not surprising, as by this time almost all of milled grain, comes the time, even a short but relaxing.

Belarus — a country of rivers and lakes. Does anyone will turn the millstone itself, if it can successfully make the water? And until today, numerous mills, both water and wind. Water, for example, is in the Ivie (though now there shop) in Halshany — and now she grinds flour.

mills has long been linked with various legends and stories. Most often, it was a question of them living among the millstones wizards. Another said (perhaps with envy) that they twist the wings of the mill, when there is no wind, and carry heavy bags, helping the host. The owner is in the form of payment allows them to live under the roof of the mill.

The fact that the millers have played in society rather significant role (though he and envied) tell different stories and proverbs, composed by the people dance "Millers" and the cycle of games under the title "Mlyn" that is, mill.

Everyone was fun and good. After discussing the successful case the miller and his obsmeyat, morning farmers outfitting horses and wagon train stretched for gorochku — to the mill. After all, without the bread — well, nothing!