Day of the Constitution of Lithuania

The current Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania approved by referendum October 25 in 1992. Only twice in its amended: Act of 20 July in 1996 and the Law on December 12 in 1996.

Lithuanian Constitution includes 14 chapters (154 articles), as well as the preamble and the final section. In the structure of the Constitution significantly impact the earlier constitutional acts of Lithuania. Along with the traditional for the majority of the Constitutions of the heads of parliament, president, government, the judiciary, local government, the Constitution of Lithuania is the head of the Finance and Budget, which first appeared in Lithuania in the Constitution of 1922.

attract attention, and two, as it were "paired", chapter: "Man and the State" and "Society and the State." The text of the Constitution is distinguished not only clear and logical sequence of presentation, but also a high level and detailed study of specific regulatory decisions.

Until March 11 in 1990 on the territory of Lithuania acting The USSR Constitution of 1977 and the Constitution of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic from 1978. The Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR, adopted March 11, 1990 repealed the laws of the Soviet constitution, the constitution was resumed in 1938, and to harmonize the provisions of the latter with the current actual situation, to take temporary Basic Law of the Republic of Lithuania.