Day of the cable industry

October 25 cable industry workers Russia mark their professional holiday.

In the Day of the cable industry workers, professionals, employees and managers of enterprises and organizations awarded the badge "Honorary Worker of the cable industry" for significant contributions to the organization, development and improving the efficiency of production of cable, as well as for the creation of competitive products, the introduction of new technologies and techniques.

cable — a word we hear very often, but never stop to think what it represents that cable and where it is applied. Today, it is appropriate to give a little help on that score.

The word comes from the Dutch cable kabel (rope, wire rope) and is electric, one or more insulated conductors enclosed in a hermetically sealed envelope, which are superimposed on top of the protective covers.

cable is used for long distance transfer of electrical energy or signals (high-voltage power lines, electric power industry, transportation, and utilities; trunk lines, urban telephone network, radio communications and television, the supply of electricity to the moving work machines , electrical installations, ships, aircraft).

All of these industries have been established in Russia due to the cable industry professionals.

Cable structure essentially depends on the conditions of installation and operation — underground, in water, air, or in chemically active media, at low or high temperatures, high humidity.

professional holiday today's date associated with an event that took place 25 October 1879. On this day, the German electrical engineer company "Siemens and HalskeĀ» (Siemens