Day of Customs of the Russian Federation

October 25 has long been considered a significant day in the history of the Russian customs service. It was on this day in 1653, the country was first introduced Common Customs regulations, born king of the Decree Alexis on the collection of customs duties "in Moscow and Russian cities."

Since then, Customs has become a public service designed to protect the economic interests of the country. A October 25, 1991 by the Decree of the President of Russia was formed by the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation.

Day customs officer of the Russian Federation established by Presidential Decree number 811 of the August 4 1995 "On establishing the Day of the Russian Federation customs officer».

Working in the new Customs Code of the Russian Federation, the Russian customs officers have proven that they can work at the level of world standards. The work of customs authorities are increasingly used in operating the most advanced countries of the world system analysis and risk management.

A program of modernization of customs information systems. Mastered the advanced technology of customs control and customs clearance. More and more customs offices move to electronic declaration of goods and means of transport with the use of electronic signatures. Improving the work of law enforcement units of the customs authorities.

In a war declared by the Russian international terrorism, the work focuses on the Customs anti-smuggling of arms and ammunition, securing supply routes and means of transport of goods, bringing together law enforcement units of customs services of the European Region of the World Customs Organization in the fight terrorism.

Recall that 26 January {holiday-celebrated 102 International Day of Customs} {/ holiday}.