Day of Standardization and Metrology Kyrgyzstan

Given the important role of standardization, metrology and certification services to improve quality products, the rise of the export potential of the country and the issues of economic governance Republic, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic Decree number 449 of October 1 in 1996 established the Day of Standardization and Metrology.

October 24 in 1927 introduced the foundations of national standardization and metrology in the Kyrgyz Republic.

national government body for the implementation of a unified state policy in the field of certification of the Kyrgyz Republic — National Institute of Standards and Metrology of the Kyrgyz Republic "Kyrgyzstandart" (NISM), whose main objectives are:

— the creation and development of the national standardization system in accordance with international rules and recommendations;

— holding works in the field of metrology to ensure traceability in the Kyrgyz Republic;

— maintenance and development of the national reference base.

Recall that October 14 {holiday-celebrated 1587 World Standards Day} {/ holiday}. It was on this day in 1946 in London by the Institute of Civil Engineers opened the conference of national standards bodies. The result of this work was the foundation of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) — the new International Organization for Standardization.