Day of advertising

Day of advertising — the professional holiday of all producers of advertising, advertisers and marketing and PR Russia. This festival is celebrated since 1994. But for such a short time of its existence, it had become a big occasion to talk about the kind of place in our lives is advertising.

Ā«Advertising — the engine of trade" — the winged phrase and put into the mouth of the unforgettable hero "The Twelve Chairs" Ostap Bender. So, October 23 — it is a day of creative people who make an invaluable contribution to the development of trade and, accordingly, the Russian economy.

The word "advertisement" is derived from the Latin reclamare — shout. According to the testimony of cultural studies at the solemn procession of the ancient Romans, the triumphal final event included elements of advertising: eulogies, demonstration caught in the battle trophies.

In antiquity, political advertising for the most part was an inscription praising cut on statues rulers and generals. And in the Middle Ages "advertising" competition manifested itself mainly in oral form — shouting traders, hawkers and stray calls artisans ...

Today's advertising — a complex science. On the promotion of goods and services to spend huge amounts of money. But the goal of the ad remains the same — to allocate items among the competitors, "spin" it and increase sales.