International Day of people who stutter

October 22 in the world marks the International Day of people who stutter (International Stuttering Awareness Day). The idea of ??this festival was born with the support of the International Association of People Who Stutter (International Stuttering Association, ISA), founded in 1995 and is positioning itself as "the mouthpiece of all people who stutter at the international level."

According to the International Classification of Diseases, called stuttering speech disorder, which is characterized by frequent repetition or prolongation of sounds, syllables and words, as well as frequent stops or hesitancy in speech, tearing her rhythmic flow.

Patriotic speech therapy literature interprets the term "stuttering" as follows: "violation of tempo and rhythmic organization of speech, caused by a convulsive state of the muscles of the vocal apparatus." Often associated with stuttering logofobiey (verbofobiey) — the fear of talking, which is a consequence or cause of stuttering.

The organization of the World Day of people who stutter — this is just one of the major projects ISA. Among other projects designed to attract public attention to the problems of people who stutter — a newsletter twice a year, keeping a special web-site, search for funds for scholarships of people who stutter.

By the way, many people have a speech impediment, a stutter, did not stop to become known and to realize themselves in areas that require the ability to speak well. Among them — the filmmakers, actors, bards, speakers, politicians, poets, generals, ministers, broadcasters and other members of the public trades.

Suffered from stuttering, such as Demosthenes, , , , but of the living — Bruce Willis, Artemy Troitsky and other famous people.