International Day of chefs

Today their professional holiday is celebrated chefs and cooks around the world. International date was established in 2004 on the initiative of the World Association of culinary communities. This organization, by the way, has neither more nor less than eight million members — representatives of the chef's profession from different countries.

Celebration of the International Day of the cook (International Chefs Day) in more than 70 countries, has become widespread. In addition to direct chefs in the organization of events attended by representatives of governments, employees of travel agencies and, of course, the owners of catering — from small cafes to well-known restaurants. They organize competitions of skill among the cooks, conduct tastings and experimenting with cooking original dishes.

Profession chef — one of the most popular in the world and one of the most ancient. About who invented the first game to cook the meat produced or assembled in the forest plants, the story, of course, is silent. But there is a legend about a woman whose name was given its name to the industry — cooking.

The ancient Greeks worshiped the god of healing Asclepius (aka — the Roman Aesculapius). His daughter Hygiea considered the guardian of health (on its behalf, by the way, comes the word "hygiene"). And their faithful assistant in all things was the cook Culina, who became patronize cooking art, called "cooking».

One of the main events of the day — competitions of skill among chefs (Photo: Fedor Kondratenko, Shutterstock) The first recipe, written on paper, appeared in Babylon, Ancient Egypt and Ancient China as well as in the countries of the Arab East. Some of them came to us in the written monuments of that era, and if you want anyone can try to cook dishes that tasted Egyptian pharaoh or the Celestial Emperor.

In Russian cooking as a science began to develop in the 18th century. This was due to the spread of food businesses. First it was the tavern, then houses and restaurants. The first in our country cuisine culinary opened in 1888 in St. Petersburg.