Day of the road sector

In 1996, Russia appeared professional holiday of workers of road transport and road infrastructure. Based on Presidential Decree of 14 October 1996 "On establishing the Day of the Road Transport and Roads" this holiday celebrated annually on the last Sunday of October.

In accordance with the Presidential Decree number 556 of 23 March 2000 "On the Day of the road sector employees' professional holiday of workers of road facilities are annually celebrated on the third Sunday in October. The road sector is one of the largest segments of the public domain Russia.

The structure of road infrastructure consists of more than 3,000 institutions and enterprises of different ownership forms. The number of workers in the road sector and related industries is about 750,000 people.

Day of the road sector — a celebration of those who build highways and bridges, who provides a year-round operation and maintenance of complex road infrastructure, reliable and safe road links between the regions of our country.

With the road network can not be realized article of the Russian Constitution, which guarantees the rights of citizens to freedom of movement, freedom of movement of goods and services, the unity of economic space. The important role played by roads in solving social problems, the implementation of priority national projects.

In recent years, the recovery in output and rising incomes have led to a sharp increase in the vehicle fleet, the volume of freight and passenger transport by road. Under the provisions of the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation, the development of the road network should match the pace of socio-economic development of the country and provide transportation needs in accordance with the growth of car ownership.