Day of Food Industry

Day of Food was set in the era of the Soviet Union, in 1966, and since then has traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday in October.

Food and processing industry play a leading role in the provision of food products throughout the world, as taking care of their daily bread has always been one of the main concerns of humanity. Workers in the food industry is constantly improving product quality, expanding its range.

Thanks to the professionalism and tireless work of Food, this industry is one of the leaders in the development of new methods and forms of market economic management, technical and technological upgrading of production.

(Photo: Vishnevskiy Vasily, Shutterstock) In recent years all over the world more than ever there is a question about the formation of food security. That food workers are among the first designed to solve this problem.

That food workers provide food stability Russian regions, contributing significantly to the development of the Russian economy.

Today, along with Russia This festival is celebrated in Ukraine.

Recall that each year October 16 {holiday-celebrated 1605 World Food Day} {/ holiday}.