Day military signaller

October 20 1919 — the day of Education Corps. On this day, the order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Soviet Republic of number 1736/362 as part of the Field Staff Communications was formed, headed by the Chief of Communications. Service connection is highlighted in a special service staffs, and the troops of communication — in separate special forces. Thus was laid the structure of modern communication troops.

Military relationship is an integral part of the Armed Forces, and its material basis. On its condition and functioning depends largely on the speed of command, the timeliness of the application of combat vehicles and weapons.

In its development, the military relationship has come a long and difficult way, is inextricably linked with the history of the Armed Forces, the changes in the forms and methods their application, improving the art of war.

From the simple audio and visual means of communication for the transmission of signals and commands on the battlefield to widely branched multi-channel, advanced automated systems that can provide a link to the almost unlimited range as with stationary and moving objects on the ground, on the water, under water and in the air — this is the historical path of development and improvement of military communications.

Modern communication system — a complex multifunctional system that includes multiple nodes of the various destination, many thousands of kilometers of lines radio, radio relay, tropospheric, wireless and other communications, and, of course, are professionals that make up and running this complex organism — the military signalers who mark their professional holiday.