Day sweets in the U.S.

Every year on the third Saturday of October in the United States celebrates the Day of sweets ( sweet) (Sweetest Day).

This tradition originated in Cleveland (Cleveland) in 1922, when Herbert Kingston (Herbert Birch Kingston), philanthropist and candy factory worker, decided to help the destitute orphans, the poor and all to those who are not best of times.

Kingston gathered a small group of residents of the city, and with the help of friends, they have organized the distribution of small gifts, to somehow support the hungry, those whom the government has forgotten a long time ago.

During the first day of sweets film star Anna Pennington (Ann Pennington) presented the 2200 Cleveland boys, newsboys sweet gifts in return for their labor.

Another major film star Theda Bara (Theda Bara) donated 10,000 boxes of chocolates Cleveland hospital patients and all those who came to see her film at the local cinema.

Originally Day was celebrated sweets mainly in the central and western regions of the United States — in the states of Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. In recent years, the popularity of the holiday has grown considerably and now covers the geography of celebrating other areas of the U.S., in particular, the north-eastern part of the country.

In the state of Ohio — the home of the Day candy — this day sold the most sugary products. Behind him in the top ten best sellers should California, Florida, Michigan and Illinois.

This holiday is the perfect excuse (along with Valentine's Day) for the expression of romantic feelings and friendships relationship. On this day people give chocolate or roses, and all that is the epitome of delicious — it is assumed that love must be sweet as milk chocolate!