Lawyer's Day in Moldova

This festival uniting lawyers from different fields of activity have devoted their life of a great mission, and who entrusted with the awesome responsibility — the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, the formation of legal culture of society, respect for the law and legal policy of the state.

The legal profession, the legal profession, the legal industry works provide functioning of the legal system. From tips and solutions lawyers determine the future of the people, their property and non-property relations, the stability of the economy, the interests of authors and inventors, the influx of investment and, finally, the order of the street and the safety of citizens.

Workers legal professionals often take a very unfavorable to others and serious decisions for ourselves. Mistakes Lawyers (unlawful arrest, false judgment, failure to act in a situation requiring intervention, simply irrational behavior) can have a negative impact on the state of law and order and the well-being of society.

A lawyer must be prepared correctly and timely respond to the needs of society, to own methods and techniques of working with changing legislation, extensive documentation published literature. He should be able to talk to people, to listen to opponents, to negotiate, to participate in the discussion of legal matters or in the procedures of their collective permission.

Lawyer is necessary to define its role in social life, economics and management, to detect situations that require his intervention, he must hold receptions solutions of standard and non-standard legal tasks. Lawyer professional should be able to formulate an acceptable and feasible design solutions, corresponding to the law, to find a form of expression of such a decision and implement it within the reach of legal limits.