Luke Day

According to tradition, Luke was a Syrian doctor, of Antioch, accompanied the apostle Paul. Luke retold stories about Jesus, on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, from Antioch to Caesarea. Very good review about poverty, the Evangelist Luke himself had lived all his life without possessions, he was fed and clothed community. About 70, he was called to the community of St. Paul in Greece to learn more from him about Christ. There he died at the age of 84 years.

The main feature of the Gospel of Luke is the fact that it was written as a biography. In this case, Luke emphasizes that Jesus is from God, as in the ancient Greek biographies of men will certainly mention the origin of some god.

In the book of Revelation (Rev. 4:6-8) written on four animals that are before the throne of God in heaven, and continually praise the Lord. These animals like the lion, bull, eagle, and the fourth the face of a man. Accordingly, each of the four Evangelists received in the Christian tradition has its own symbol, which is often portrayed in the paintings. Luke is the symbol count.

Day Luke, as well as three other authors of the Gospel, according to the Orthodox and Roman Catholic, and some Protestant churches.