Alaska's Day in the U.S.

October 18 in 1867 was a joyful for America and ambiguous event for Russia — the day Alaska was annexed to the United States of America. In New Archangel (now this town is Sitka American name), a solemn ceremony of handing over the jurisdiction of the Russian peninsula of America, ever since he became a U.S. territory forever. Holiday established in honor of the event, called Day of Alaska in the United States (Alaska Day in United States).

I wonder what the Americans initially believed the deal failed. "Why do we peninsula, covered with ice?" — They reasoned. American politicians do not want to assign the status of the State of Alaska, and considered the region is so poor that I doubt whether he can pay the costs for the maintenance of his administration.

All that changed when it became clear that the area of ??the peninsula is rich in natural resources. First discovered gold here, then Alaska immediately recognized the 49th state. Were later found also large deposits of oil. It turned out that the Americans, as they say "break the bank" by purchasing a rich area for little money at that time: in the auriferous peninsula Russian Empire received a check in the amount of $ 7.2 million.

Now, Alaska is ranked third among all U.S. states in terms of income. It is a thriving area and its residents are proud of their motherland. Alaska Day is a public holiday here. On this day, the solemn ceremony of national importance.

Despite the fact that since those events took place almost two centuries, in some villages of Alaska is still possible to find a Russian Orthodox churches, as well as to meet the Russian-speaking Americans — descendants of Russian, still lived on the land owned by Russia.