International Credit Union Day

Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. B. Franklin

Every year on the third Thursday of October employees of all types of consumer cooperatives celebrate their professional holiday — Day of the International Credit Union (International Credit Union Day). This worldwide festival is celebrated continuously since 1948 and ever since is an occasion for many activities: open houses and branches of credit unions, charity events, fairs and competitions, themed radio and television programs.

Credit Union organization called mutual financial citizens. This is one of the most popular and the most attractive for the public financial institutions, non-profit component of an alternative to banks. The concept and idea of ??cooperation (cooperation — a joint activity) came into use in the mid-19th century and gained great popularity in Europe. The founders of the cooperative philosophy are considered , Charles Fourier, Louis Blanc. They explained the benefits of economic cooperation, as an economic form, and considered its organization of the future, devoid of contradictions and shortcomings of the world capitalist competition.

Interestingly, 1948 was the date of re-establishment of the Day of credit unions. And for the first time the idea of ??a holiday was announced in 1927, and 17 January in 1927 by the League of Credit Unions of the U.S. state of Massachusetts organized the first official holiday for the shareholders of Credit Unions and workers. The date chosen due to the fact that on 17 January the Americans honor the memory of one of the greatest figures of America , who was born in Massachusetts.

In the 30 years of the 20th century credit Unions in America have evolved rapidly. But, nevertheless, proclaimed Day of credit unions not popular neither employees nor shareholders and was eventually abolished. "Second Life" holiday was given in 1948 when the National Association of Credit Unions of the United States has decided to resume the celebration of the National Day of Credit Unions. Segodnya kreditnye soyuzy deystvuyut in 88 stranah mira, in kotoryh Mezhdunarodny den kreditnyh soyuzov priznan neobhodimym prazdnikom.

In Russian Credit Union League was founded in 1994 by combining goduDobrovolnym credit consumer cooperatives of citizens and other non-profit organizations in the Russian financial mutual aid is a Credit Union League, founded in November 1994. One of the main goals of the League — to promote a real economic democracy in the Russian society.
In addition, the League tasked with the development of regional and national infrastructure for the credit union movement in Russia; entry into the global co-operative movement as an integral part of the cooperative movement in Russia , equal opportunity of participation of credit unions and their associations in the domestic and international credit union movement.

League of Credit Unions represents the movement of credit co-operatives Russia in the World Council of Credit Unions (World Council of Credit Unions).