Chef's Day (Day of the Boss )

In 1958, Patricia Haroski (Patricia Haroski), worked Secretary of State Farm Insurance Company, proposed a new holiday — Day of Operations (National Boss Day). In 1962, this holiday has been officially approved by the Governor of Illinois, Otto Carnera. The original idea was that workers congratulate their head and thank him for what he was kind and honest throughout the year.

The tradition of celebrating the Day of the Boss was supported by many of the country, the festival has spread around the world with the speed of thought. Today's Day is celebrated in the UK, Australia and South Africa.

On this day relies remember that the head — it's a profession. What is this — work without rest, the responsibility for every step, every word, for the welfare of the people under him.

And that Chef — is, above all, human. But just remember — is not enough. Holiday — it is also an occasion to present the boss a gift, to show respect and appreciation.

Today, Boss's Day (or, as it is called, National Boss Day) is always celebrated 16 October, and celebrations are accompanied by greeting cards — both electronic and paper, flowers, souvenirs and a few extra smiles after the boss — be it a man or a woman.